Do Welder Make Good Money – The Garage Guys Guide to Welding

Do you love Welding? Do Welder Make Good Money?

Let me take a wild guess; you are a born Structural guy? Who is passionate about welding or may be fed up with fucking 9 to 5 job — now thinking about a Welding Career? Well, welding is considered one of the most money-making blue-collar careers around. Welding is not only a fascinating job but also a full-time career with a salary of a handsome figure. But the thing about welding is that you need to learn the craft. Only then you can think of taking it as a permanent source of earning for yourself.

MIG welding machine
MIG welding machine

OK, now as we have got over with the part where you would be asking why or how exactly welding fits in professional life, I know what you’re thinking, do Welder Make Good Money?

Keep reading, and you might even get surprised! Because you’ll find out what are the career opportunities in welding and how much do welders make per hour and how much they have to offer.

Do Welder Make Good Money?

Welding is fun! But it only gets better! Because no matter how much fun the activity is, if you don’t have any personal gain from it, there are chances that you won’t be interested in doing it for long.

But here is a surprising fact about welding.

There is that rumor from welders working in some states of the USA. They have hinted that some of the welders are earning over $100,000 annually.

Can this be true?

If you thought only the tech jobs and other white-collar jobs that require you to stay in a small cubicle most of the day pay that much, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, welding is one of the most highly paid jobs you can get in the USA market. And there is a real shortage of actually skilled welders.

Do Welder Make Good Money
Do Welder Make Good Money

Sure Salaries depend on the sector that welder work in as well as their location. For example- Due to the risks and complexity associated with underwater welding, it is one of the best-paid works. It may even pay six-figure salaries. Yeah, it will pay you up to six figures if you are even decent with it!

Now let’s see the welder rates per hour.

At entry-level welding, you can expect to make about $13 to $15 an hour. Meanwhile, at the very least, someone should expect the rate to rise from $18 an hour to about $20 an hour as they gather more experience.

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How can you make money with Your Welding Skills?

There are many welding career opportunities after you learn to weld if dirt and 100 degree is not a big problem for you.

Think I’m exaggerating?

No dude, you can work on a farm, in a factory, or even run your own welding business. In a nutshell, a good welder can make an above-average pay scale without regard to where he welds. If you are thinking about whether it will be a sustainable profession for you, the welding jobs growing at a rate of 26% per year, which is by far one of the fastest-growing job sectors. Because if you look around, everything requires welding now. From the industrial arena to fields where nobody has guessed, literally everything. Like the microchip or semiconductor industry needs a welder. So yeah, if you are into it for the long term, you might as well never be short of work!

Have a look at various types of welding careers that are damn profitable.

Construction Welder

No matter it is split-level homes or skyscrapers, the construction industry will always have a job for the welder. Welders are quite handy in all things related to construction.

What are the tasks down there?

Everyday tasks are joining girders and even repairing damaged structures. If you are willing to work at heights, you can work high iron in construction, and it can be lucrative. It is one of the most sought after a job that is available for the welders at any time of the year. And not just inside the states, there is a huge demand for highly skilled construction welders at any corner of the earth!

Metal Cutters

Metal cutting is a thriving industry for those who are effective with a torch. Using plasma cutters and arc torches, metal cutters trip and divide large metal structures into small, manageable sizes for use on industrial purposes. But this type of welding is quite dangerous, so don’t forget to use safety gear, especially a welding helmet. But as you get the hang of it, there is an endless scope of doing various DIY projects to do. Only with a little use of creative mind and design skills, you could even open a profitable business out of it, and there is so little investment required.


Repair pipes and Pipefitters install that carry gas and liquid throughout ships, airplanes, buildings, and other large structures. More like plumbers, pipefitting is a more flexible occupation. So you can find a wider variety of opportunities here.

Shipyard Welders

Shipyard maritime welders work on both naval and commercial vessels in the thriving maritime industry. Most of the trade of the world is done via water and sea routes. So there is always vessels and ships that need to be repaired. No matter whether there is a recession hit or something else, the maritime industry never stops working. Because otherwise, international trade will be collapsed. So if you are thinking about shipyard welding, you should certainly go ahead because it is quite sustainable and the pay is also great.

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Robotic welding

Robotic welding is a different field. It pairs welding with advanced computer science. Robotic welding is mostly used to manufacture goods ranging from ornate metallic to furniture car parts. You don’t need any computer science or robotics degree to work here. But it is an advanced field, and you will get to learn and apply lots of different aspects of welding here. It is a growing industry, and if you can get into the ship early, who knows where it might take you!

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