4 Different Typed Plasma Cutters For Your Information

Nowadays, there are different types of plasma cutters available in the market. But which one to buy for your best use is the hardest task.

To do so, you better get acquainted with some of the best plasma cutter reviews. Unless that, you cannot get yourself prepared to go for the one you need.

Although there are hundreds of types of plasma cutters, but for convenience, this guide will include only 4 different typed plasma cutters as below

4 Different Typed Plasma Cutters

plasma cutter reviews1. Lotos Plasma Cutter

Lotos plasma cutter is a set of series of plasma cutters of different models.

There are different models like LOTOS MIG140, LOTOS LT5000D, LOTOS LT3200, LOTOS MIG175 etc.

There are some common features in all of the LOTOS models which are quite fascinating for a new user.

Lotos LTP5000D

There are a good amount of accessories included with this product line.

An extra wide, auto darkening helmet is provided with this product for the safeguard of your eyes and head.

One of the best parts of this product line is that, you are going to get a good amount of tips and electrodes.

Through all those, you can have the plasma arc of different levels and shapes.

Also you are about to get leather-welding gloves for your cutting ease.

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2. Miller Plasma Cutter

This plasma cutter series is capable of cutting strong and thick steel sheets without any sort of hassle.

However, there are classes in which all the miller plasma cutters have been classified.

There are different Miller plasma cutters like 375 X-TREME, miller spectrum 625, 625 X-TREME, Miller spectrum 875, miller spectrum 875, etc.

If you are in quest for extreme reliability for plasma cutting of thickest steel sheets, then you can gladly go for this series.

Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme Plasma Cutter

In the plasma cutting history, miller series products has been proved to be patent and outrageous.

Like- most of the miller plasma cutters run on an average of electricity consumption more than a kilowatt.

Secondly, these plasma cutters have ability to finish thick edges very smoothly and finely.

Slag less edges is one of the best features for the operation of these cutters.

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3. CNC Plasma Cutter

In the modern era of human civilization, electrical equipment and electronic innovations has made each and everyone’s life easy.

From home to office, cnc plasma cutters have a great effect because it is used in manufacturing clothing, which is our daily wears.

In order to make much more precise and sharp cuts through computer control, this CNC method is well renowned in this world.

For seamless cutting, CNC plasma cutting method is well reputed.

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Moreover, this method is widely used in different popular sectors like automobile, decorative prop manufacturing industries, fashion industries, ceramic industries etc.

The best use of CNC plasma cutter might be in the ductwork industries.

In building buildings; different measured ducts are required for different purposes like sewerage, water, electrical fittings etc.

All those works are done precisely though computer controls.

The best advantage for this method is that, as it is computer controlled, all you need to do is just put all the data in and you’ll get your pieces ready.

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4. Hobart plasma cutter

In the industry of plasma cutting, there are three massive air compression plasma cutters, which lie in the Hobart plasma cutter series.

The models are AirForce 250ci, AirForce 500i & AirForce 700i.

A Hobart plasma cutter has a unique function that is quite unique compared to all the others.

This plasma cutter has an air compression inbuilt which makes the plasma arc much more acute and abridged.

Hobart Airforce 700i plasma cutters
Hobart Airforce 700i

Therefore, disregarding the thickness of the steel sheet, it cuts quite impressively and relatively in less possible time.

Its plasma cutter review might be your best guide. However, you’ll get a review about all the features with the plasma cutter you buy.

If you are up for making your own garage a nice repair station, then this Hobart plasma cutter might be the best equipment possible.

This equipment is something that is portable, rigid, highly efficient in function and powerful in operation.

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Not only these 4 typed plasma cutters are available in the market nowadays, there are lots more.

But in order to get acquainted with all of them, you better be aware of the operation you need at your hand.

Through this buying cycle, you have to get acquainted with products plasma cutter reviews out and out.